1. "Pon de Replay" – 4:06
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Alisha Brooks, Vada Nobles)

2. "Here I Go Again" (featuring J-Status) – 4:11
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, J-Status, Rihanna Fenty)

3. "If It's Lovin' That You Want" – 3:28
(Jean Claude Oliver, Samuel Barnes, Alaxsander Mosely, Scott Larock, Lawrence Parker, Makeba Riddick)

4. "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)" (featuring Vybz Kartel) – 4:20
(Dawn Penn, Ellas McDaniel, Willie Cobbs)

5. "That La, La, La" (Full Force, D. Emile) – 3:45

6. "The Last Time" – 4:53
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken)

7. "Willing to Wait" – 4:37
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Nathan Watts, Henry Redd, Cotton Greene, June Deniece Williams, Rihanna Fenty)

8. "Music of the Sun" – 3:56
(Diane Warren, Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Rihanna Fenty)

9. "Let Me" – 3:56
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Mikkel SE, Tor Erik Hermansen, Makeba Riddick)

10. "Rush" (featuring Kardinal Offishall) – 3:09
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken)

11. "There's a Thug in My Life" (featuring J-Status) – 3:21
(E. Jordan, Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken)

12. "Now I Know" – 5:01
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Rihanna Fenty)

Bonus tracks

13. "Pon de Replay" (Remix featuring Elephant Man) – 3:37
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Alisha Brooks, Vada Nobles)

14. "Should I?" (Japanese & UK editions only) (featuring J-Status)

15. "Hypnotized" (Japanese edition only) – 4:15
(Evan Rogers, Carl Sturken, Rihanna Fenty)


Pon De Replay

If It's Lovin' That You Want





Given the proliferation of young and beautiful urban dance-pop divas dominating the radio and music video airwaves in 2005, it initially was tempting to discount Rihanna as yet another Beyoncι-Ciara-Ashanti cash-in.But like her Def Jam labelmate Teairra Mari -- another young and beautiful urban dance-pop diva who emerged out of nowhere in 2005 -- Rihanna is winsome rather than wannabe, thanks in no small part to her producers.

Just as Teairra Mari benefited greatly from irresistibly shrewd beat-making on her debut album, Rihanna benefits from the knowing production work of Syndicated Rhythm Productions, aka Evan Rogers and Carl Sturken, who together produced a laundry list of contemporary teen pop sensations during the prior decade. What these guys do that's so irresistibly shrewd is synthesize Caribbean rhythms and beats with standard-issue urban dance-pop: Caribbean-inflected urban, if you will.

So while a song like "Pon de Replay" -- to pick the most obvious exhibit -- is driven by booming dancehall-lite beats and a reggae vocal cadence (and title spelling), it's a simple dance-pop song at its core, with standard English-language singing as well as a can't-miss singalong hook (and a glitzy, urban-style MTV video to boot). The best songs on Music of the Sun follow this appealing template, including the similarly catchy few songs that follow the aforementioned album-opening smash hit: "Here I Go Again", "If It's Lovin' That You Want", and "You Don't Love Me (No, No, No)".

As with most albums of this ilk, Music of the Sun descends into faceless slow jams after a while, overall consistency not being among its attributes, but thankfully it picks up the pace toward the end of its 13-song run and concludes on a fun note, with a remix of "Pon de Replay" featuring Elephant Man. The result is one of the more engaging urban dance-pop albums of the year (and one of the most infectious summer jams, for sure), as well as a nice Caribbean primer for those not ready or willing to jump on the increasingly trendy dancehall and reggaeton bandwagons concurrently sweeping through America's more fashionable cities.

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"When I first heard that song, I didn't want to do it, because it was very sing-songy and very... whatever [...] But after I started recording it, I went along with it and started liking it."

"Luckily I met two producers who discovered me in the first place and signed me to their production company, Syndicated Rhythm Productions. They work with a lot of pop artists like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard. They are great guys and I really enjoyed working with them. They are excellent song writers so they really helped me develop my writing skills."

"It represents me. So the album consists of Music of the Sun."

BILLBOARD DEBUT: #2 Billboard Top R&B/Hip Hop Albums (69,000 copies in its first week) , #10 Billboard 200

Sales & Certifications:

  • Canada - Platinum (100,000)
  • Germany (30,000)
  • France - Gold (50,000)
  • Italy - Gold (40,000)
  • Japan - Gold (170,000)
  • New Zealand - Gold (7,500)
  • Switzerland (10,000)
  • United Kingdom - Gold (200,000)
  • United States - Gold (593,000)

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Secret Sparkle Body Spray Tour (2005) - Rihanna did couple of gigs sponsored by Secret Body Sprays. This was her first chance to sing in front of her fans on "tour".